Olympic Class Engines

In the Spring of 1998, the Director of the White Star Line Memorial Foundation created a detailed scale model of the Olympic Class Engines as part of a Mechanical Engineering presentation at Purdue University.

The Port Engine was rendered in AutoCAD Release 14 using plans and other data collected over many years of interest in the White Star Line ships, and many conversations with Harland & Wolff who made so much possible in his early days of discovering the marvelous ships they built and the wonderful history of the Yard.

The AutoCad renderings were later re-created in GIF format and featured on the original White Star Line Memorial Foundation web site.

Given the advancements in Internet speeds and capabilities, the drawings were improved over the originals and are presented here.

Due to the limitations of GIF format, much detail is lost from the original Autocad renderings.

The representation reflects the engines from the Olympic and Titanic. The Britannic incorporated piston valves in her Low Pressure cylinders, as opposed to double ported slide valves in the other two ships, which gave a shorter profile to the balance cylinder head. The Britannic also utilized an additional shaft bearing in the center of the engine to further reduce vibration.

This page is dedicated to Harland and Wolff and the Ulster Folk and Transportation Museum who keep the memory alive.

Special thanks to:

Dr. Denis Griffiths

John Maltby
J Maltby & Son Marine Engineers

Joe Burgard

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Olympic Class Engine Top View
Port Engine
Olympic Class Engine Side View
Engine Statistics
Weight 1,000 tons (Brit.)
Height 38.5 feet
Length 62.8 feet
H.P. Cylinder Diameter 54 inches
I.P. Cylinder Diameter 84 inches
L.P. Cylinder Diameters 97 inches ea.
Stroke 75 inches
Aft LP piston to IP piston 184.5 inches
IP to HP piston 249.0 inches
HP to Fore LP piston 184.5 inches
Crank Shaft Diameter 27 inches
Connecting Rod Length 168.75 inches
Operating Speed 76 r.p.m.
Operating Output 16,000 h.p.
Figure Height ~ 5' 7"

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