Our History

The White Star Line Memorial Foundation was formed in 1998. Its mission was to provide free displays of authentic White Star Line and Titanic artifacts, from an extensive private collection 30 years in the making, to those in group homes, retirement communities, and to community schools throughout the Midwestern United States. We had the pleasure of meeting people who had been on a White Star Line ship, and a few who were related to now famous, a few infamous, people aboard the Titanic. We thoroughly enjoyed sharing our collection with others and were especially blessed to have them share their stories, and in some instances their family mementos, with us.

Two years after its founding, the White Star Line Memorial Foundation began loaning portions of its collection to charitable organizations as a means for them to raise money. This was an especially gratifying time, and allowed us to meet and help individuals, and families who had fallen on hard times. In 2007 the White Star Line Memorial Foundation opened an office in Europe to take advantage of the growing interest in the Titanic and White Star Line there, and broaden our presence.

The collection is entering its 48th year and the White Star Line Memorial Foundation its 17th. The collection has expanded to cover anything and everything White Star Line, and those side stories that played an interesting role in the history of the company. The collection has taken on a truly museum and library quality in not only the size, but the quality of the material in the collection.

We continue to add previously unknown information to the timeline of the White Star Line, and filling in the blanks with first hand data and relics. We are ever vigilant in locating and acquiring anything that will add to the repository we have created, which is hard pressed to be found outside any museum or national archive. Our efforts have paid off given the response of others.

We have been blessed by meeting new people, either in person or online, who share our passion of the White Star Line. We have made many friends from many lands over the decades, and look forward to making many more.

Thank you for visiting our site and making yourself acquainted with us.