White Star Line 1849 - 1934

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The WSLMF is a definitive reference resource for research into the White Star Line covering the entire history of the company. In addition to White Star Line items, the WSLMF holds materials on companies that contributed to the White Star Line history including the Vulcan Foundry, Harland and Wolff, Belfast Ropework, Sirocco Fans, and many others that were connected to the construction of the ships.

The WSLMF also holds extensive information on otherwise overlooked individuals such as John Chambers of Pilkington Tile and George Francis Train who played important parts in the history of the White Star Line. There would have been no White Star Line as it was known, had it not been for the involvement of a few individuals who have been forgotten.

Field research is often undertaken and new discoveries are constantly being made.


The WSLMF archives are a vast resource of knowledge housing technical journals, magazines specific to shipbuilding, newspapers from the United States, the U.K., and Australia, and most covering large portions of the decades from 1845 to 1935. The archives house a number of original posters, advertisements, brochures, souvenir booklets, personal journals of passengers and crew, drawings of some ship interiors in the day of sail, postcards, photographs, and many other sources of information.


The WSLMF artifacts collection contains over 1,200 items, many are not seen in any other collection. Among the artifacts are selections of original dining service from the very early days of the White Star Line, relics from early White Star Line sailing ships, keys from the R.M.S. Titanic and R.M.S. Olympic. Broadsides are amoung our rarest items, and one dating from 1856 advertised the famous White Star Line Clipper Ship "Red Jacket" sailing for Melbourne.


The WSLMF has an extensive collection of graphics on period brochures, advertisements, and posters. A selection of the available graphics are from graphics restored in house appearing on ephimera and relics that were generally thrown away in times past. Among these discarded treasures are cigar boxes specifically produced for the White Star Line. The WSLMF possesses a few of these boxes affixed with decorative graphics seen nowhere else.


Although a relatively new part of our services, the WSLMF has been approached by museums which were seeking ways to improve their oceanliner displays and layouts and/or introduce new content. Of those that have adapted our ideas the goals of increasing foot traffic and gift shop sales have been realized. We do all the work and secure funding for your needs.

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